About Us
At Ribeyes, we use a very high-quality cut of beef. The beef is 
USDA choice or better and comes from only mid-western grain
fed beef. We hand-cut your rib eye in the restaurant. All our
rib eye steaks come from Angus cattle, which are bred for their
superior marbling and texture. All our beef is wet aged 21 days
for tenderness and flavor and shipped fresh, never frozen. Only
lightweight cattle are used to ensure a thicker cut. Finally, the
lip portion, along with any excess fat, is pre-trimmed. All this
attention to detail makes for a superb quality cut of beef.

We also serve grilled chicken breast and pork chops as well as
several seafood selections. Each entree is served with choice of
side and Texas toast. Our fresh made salad bar may be added
to any entree for a small charge.

Our salad bar is made fresh every day. We break iceberg
lettuce by hand and mix it with fresh cut Romaine. Our guests
have many additional salad bar items from which to choose.
We use only the premium quality Ken’s Steak House salad